How long does it take for a dead rat to start and stop smelling?

The odor of dead rat could be so difficult to tolerate, and it is something impossible to get rid of. Almost every house goes through the awful experience to have rats and mice in their house, and when they are found dead it could be as problematic as it could be when they are found alive. When found dead, their smell will get on your nerves when you couldnt even figure out that what is the origin of the smell.

How long does it take for a dead rat to start smelling?

Although, the rat starts smelling within few minutes of its death, but after three to five days of being dead its smell becomes malodorous. It is because, the decomposition of the body, the dead body being rotten out by different decomposers produces the smell of that stinky body along with the smell of the substances of those decomposers. The odor of the body becomes stronger after decomposition due to the dispersion of various chemicals. It also depends upon the location and environmental factors, in cold places the smell of a dead body doesn't spread so fast, but in dry and hot places it spreads very fast and becomes stronger with passing time. Further if the dead rat is placed at a congested place in a small room, it will take less time for the odor to spread in the whole room. If the rats carcass is placed in such a place from where the air circulates, it will also make the odor to move along the passing air.

How long does it take to stop smelling?

If you dont dispose of the dead carcass of rat from your house, its smell may last long. As a rat takes about three weeks to complete its decomposition process, so the body that begin smelling within three to five days can keep on smelling for three weeks of decomposition which is sure and it may take additional two weeks after decomposition to completely elevate the smell from the house when the body is wholly dried.

The odor of dead rat can harm humans:

The rats contain the pathogen, when they are dead this pathogen becomes highly poisonous which results in being harmful to humans when they inhale the smell of dead rat. 

How to get rid of dead rats smell?

Once you encounter the odor of a dead rat in your house, and you don't want it to spread over and stays for long. You should immediately look for where the dead carcass is located and it should be disposed of timely by following precautionary measures. If the smell has spread too much, then the specific sprays to get rid of such smells can also be used.

Wrap Up:

The smell of dead rats could be very problematic for both our mental and physical health. It may last long if not disposed of on time. The period in which it will start and stop smelling may depend upon various external factors too. 

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